Based in Los Angeles, CA, BiCoastal Music is a world-class music production
company owned and operated by producer/engineer Hal Winer.
At a time when so many artists are recording with no production guidance and limited resources,
we provide services tailored to the specific needs of each client.
Our experience and skill set allow us to offer a variety of creative services to help bring your project to life.

About Hal Winer

It’s always been about the music.  In the early 70′s, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Stevie Wonder, Elton John, The Stones, Queen, Pink Floyd and Steve Miller were creating incredible new sounds along with countless other bands of the era.  With so many groundbreaking acts touring and filling the airwaves, it was impossible not to be influenced by all that was going on.

Hal started playing piano and guitar during this time, and began  audio recording soon after that.  It’s been non-stop ever since.  With a keen sense of musical history, melody, harmony, cadence and rhythm, he lends an acute musical sensibility to his engineering skills and, as a producer he brings a well-rounded expertise to every project.

Having started out recording in the jazz world he quickly learned techniques necessary to capture live musicians playing in ensembles. This became the foundation of his skill set and has served him well as he began recording classical, pop, latin, rock and soul projects in the years that followed.

Most engineers can only shrug at the prospect of reading a chart or helping to work out a challenging musical passage.  Hal is not only able to do these things, he is an accomplished musician, writer and producer.  Always appropriate and never insistent,  he’s often an invisible member of the band;  a supportive and inventive source of inspiration and suggestion throughout the creative process.

Hal is a Grammy-nominated engineer.  His work has often landed in the billboard top 10 in various genres.  Over the course of his career, Hal has built an impressive resume and established a significant body of work in many genres.  Some of the more notorious artists he’s worked with include Steve Miller, Bob Mintzer, John Patitucci,
David Sancious, Michael Franks, Clifford Carter, Oz Noy, Mark Egan, David Spinozza, John Siegler, Bill Evans, Rob Thomas, Joe Lynn Turner, Henry Santos, Thalia,
and Allen Toussaint.


Mixing Services

Hal is currently offering unattended mixing services for $500/song. Track count must be under 50, price includes 2 recalls. Email for more info.


Sessions. Making it happen.

I have been a studio and touring bassist as well as music producer and composer for the past 40 years and as such, I've had the opportunity to work with countless engineers worldwide.  A few years ago I was hired to play on a project that was being recorded at a gem of a studio in Ossining, NY called BiCoastal Music, owned and operated by my good friend Hal Winer.  To say I was impressed with Hal and his studio is a serious understatement.  Every detail of the studio was lovingly designed and maintained, from the equipment  to the sound treatments and instruments.  The sound in the studio was outstanding and the whole recording process was enhanced by Hal's legendary engineering and Pro Tools skills.  I was greatly disappointed when he decided to move to LA, because not only did I loose a good friend, but my favorite studio as well.   I look forward to getting out to LA at some point and cutting some tracks !!!

John Siegler

BiCoastal Music

John Siegler

I have been a studio and touring bassist as well as mus View Full →
In addition to his impressive 20+ year career as an engineer, producer and studio owner, Hal Winer has tremendous credibility for staying true to his vision and persevering at times when the odds were against him.  In 2003, when practically every major recording studio from coast to coast was collapsing in the wake of relentless technological advances and increasing overhead, Hal decided it was the perfect time to build one of the finest recording facilities in the world.  This venture required overcoming challenges that sometimes defied common sense, however, that is what Hal does.  Hal has earned the respect of musicians, colleagues and nay-sayers galore for his tangible accomplishments, not empty posturing or misguided notions – the truest measure of a person’s integrity, trustworthiness and expertise.  I have no doubt that Hal’s next venture will push the envelope yet again and set a new standard for the music business.

John Bates

BiCoastal Music

John Bates

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My idea of amazing: the gear works, the engineer has great ears, skills, and can work quickly. I like the recording process to be as invisible as possible so everyone can concentrate on their job without delays or extraneous conversation. Hal Winer has engineered many of our sessions -- he has huge ears, and a high degree of integrity. He seems to only want one thing which is to make everyone involved happy, comfortable, and leave with the knowledge that the work sounds as good as it can, and he works endlessly to get it great. Consider me a very happy customer.

Joe Bonadio

BiCoastal Music

Joe Bonadio

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A Sampling of Clients & Session Musicians who have worked with Hal

artists bands vocals

Artists / Bands / Vocals

Bjork, Carter Calvert, KJ Denhert, Eden Espinosa, Ethel, Michael Franks, Kaya, Nigel Kennedy,
Steve Miller, NY Phil Woodwind Quintet,
Robert Randolf, Henry Santos, Kate Taylor, Thalia,
Rob Thomas, Allen Toussaint, Joe Lynn Turner,
Lee Hom Wang, The Yellowjackets, Z02


Jeffrey Allen, Dave Anderson, Jay Anderson,
Mamadou Ba, Tom Barney, Jerry Brooks,
Al “Boogie” Carty, Pat Carroll, Luques Curtis,
Jack Daley, Mark Egan, Christian Fabian,
Brian Glassman, Malcolm Gold, Eddie Gomez,
Jimmy Haslip, Whynot Jansveld, Neil Jason,
Tim Lefabvre, Steve LaSpina, Tony Levin, Per Mathisen, Gary Mazzaroppi, Francois Mouton, John Patitucci, Mark Peterson, Dave Patrick, Rufus Reid, Ben Rubin, Lincoln Schleifer, John Siegler, Gene Torres,
Mike Visceglia, Reggie Young


Thierry Arpino, Marcus Baylor, Gregg Bisonette,
Joe Bonadio,Keith Carlock, Michael Cartellone,
Roger Cohen, Clint DeGanon, Jack Dejohnette,
Jay Dittamo, Marko Djordjevic, Vincent Ector,
Abe Fogle, Camille Gaynor, Omar Hakim,
Rodney Holmes, Chris Infusino, Billy Kilson,
Gordy Knudtsen, Ray Levier, Tony Moreno,
Adam Nussbaum, Jason Patterson, John Reilly,
Joel Rosenblatt, Michael Sciotto, Terry Silverlight,
Hyorki Valderrama, Frank Vilardi, Doug Yowell, Nir Z


Howard Alden, Jeff Barone, Matt Beck, Thad DeBrock, Warren Haynes, Mark Hitt, Vic Juris, Duke Levine, Chuck Loeb, Nick Moroch, Oz Noy, Adam Rafferty, Arlen Roth, Frank Romano, Larry Saltzman,
Marc Shulman, Ira Siegel, David Spinozza, Andy Stack,
Mitch Stein, Mike Stern, Jack Wilkins


Tyrone Birkett, Randy & Michael Brecker,  Ted Daniels, Bill Evans, Aaron Heick, Ole Mathisen, Mike Migliore, Bob Mintzer, Shunzo Ohno, Gary Smulyan, Lew Soloff, Chris Washburne


Clifford Carter, John Colianni, John Cowherd,
Zaccai Curtis, Jonathan Feldman, Russell Ferrante,
Benny Harrison, Bill Heller, Manu Koch, Phil Markowitz,
Alan Menkin, Barry Miles, Jeff Miller, Soren Moller,
Bill O’Connell, Tyson Rogers, Greg Royals,
David Sancious, Dave Shank (Vibes), Jonah Smith,
Etienne Stadwijk, Billy Stein, Jim West,
Harriet Wingreen, Zen Zadravec



Richie Barshay, Bashiri, Mino Cinelu, Richie Florez, Renato Thoms, Samuel Torres

Producers & Engineers

Marlan Barry, Daryl Bornstein, Rich Breen, Silas Brown, Russ DeSalvo, Mark Dobson, Neil Dorfsman,
Tom Durack, Mick Guzauski, Scott Hull,
Rick Jacobsohn, Phil Magnotti, Lawrence Manchester,
Tommy Mottola, Jay Newland, Roger Nichols,
Phil Ramone, Matt Serletic, Dave Thoener,
Gary Tole, Tim Weston

Strings & Woodwinds

Cornelius Dufallo, Ralph Farriss, Robert Langevin, Dorothy Lawson, Judy LeClair, Martha Mooke,
Mark Nuccio, Erik Ralske, Mary Rowell,
Patricia Santos, Sherry Sylar,
Dave Valentin, Mary Wooten

Audio Portfolio

Hal’s Published Discography can be seen at
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  • produced Recorded
  • produced Mixed
  • produced Overdubs

Little White Bow

by Dave Cavalier | Produced by Hal Winer. Dave Cavalier (vocals & guitars), Chris Infusino (drums), Whynot Jansveld (bass), Ren Patrick & Cori Elliott (backing vocals), Marshall McDaniel (cello)

Future vs History

by Garfield Mayor | Produced by Garfield Mayor

Feathers from an Angel's Wings

by Michael Franks | Michael Franks (vocals), Clifford Carter (keys), Joe Bonadio (drums), Mark Egan (bass), Chuck Loeb (guitar)

Love Comes Tumbling Down

by KJ Denhert | KJ Denhert (vocals & guitar), Ray Levier (drums), Mamadou Ba (bass), Etienne Stadwijk (keys)

Mean To Me

by Fred E. Ahlert and Roy Turk | Produced by Francois Moutin & Hal Winer. Francois Moutin (bass), Anne Sila (vocals), Lew Soloff (trumpet)

Something to Be (Downtown Version)

by Rob Thomas | Produced by Matt Serletic. Rob Thomas (vocals), Matt Serletic (keys), Matt Beck (guitar), Omar Hakim (drums), Al Carty (bass)

Open Letter

by Malcolm Gold | Produced by Hal Winer & Malcolm Gold. Malcolm Gold (bass & vocals), Joe Bonadio (drums), Matt Beck (guitar)


by Charlie Scopoletti | Produced by Hal Winer & Clifford Carter. Clifford Carter (keys), Charlie Scopoletti (acoustic gtr & vocals), Joe Bonadio (drums), Mike Visceglia (bass), Marc Shulman (electric gtr), Tanya Michelle (bvx)


by Dave Cavalier | Produced by Hal Winer. Dave Cavalier (vocals & guitars), Chris Infusino (drums), Whynot Jansveld (bass), Ren Patrick & Cori Elliott (backing vocals), Marshall McDaniel (cello)

Miss Ohio

by Jonah Smith | Produced by Jonah Smith. Jonah Smith (keys & vocals), Gintas Janusonis (drums), Ben Rubin (bass), Andy Stack & Doug Wamble (guitars)


by Patsy Cline | Produced by Roger Cohen, Carter Calvert (vocal), Jim West (piano), Brian Glassman (bass), Roger Cohen (drums)

Danger on the Dance Floor

by Dave Cavalier | Produced by Hal Winer. Dave Cavalier (vocals & guitars), Chris Infusino (drums), Whynot Jansveld (bass), Ren Patrick & Cori Elliott (backing vocals), Marshall McDaniel (cello)

Dangerous World

Produced by Hal Winer. Clifford Carter (keys), Joe Bonadio (drums), Jack Daley (bass), Russ DeSalvo (guitar) Kat Raio (bvx).

All In One

by Shunzo Ohno | Produced by Shunzo & Clifford Carter. Shunzo Ohno (trumpet), Clifford Carter (keys), Vic Juris (guitar), Dave Anderson (bass), Thiery Arpino (drums)


Produced by Phil Markowitz. Phil Markowitz (keys), Adam Nussbaum (drums), Jay Anderson (bass)

We Got Us

by Live Society | Produced by Hal Winer & Jeff Miller.


by James Taylor | Produced by Jack Wilkins & Jeff Barone. Jack Wilkins (guitar), Jon Cowherd (keys), Steve LaSpina (bass), Mark Ferber (drums), Samuel Torres (percusion), Jeff Barone (guitar)

Lazy Afternoon

by Jerome Moross | Arrangement by Steve Miller (vocal), John Colliani (piano), Gordy Knudtsen (drums), Gary Mazzaroppi (bass), Howard Alden (guitar)

The Blowoff

by The Phibes | Produced by Charles Compo & Hal Winer.

Deep River

by Tyrone Birkett | Produced by Tyrone Birkett.


by KJ Denhert | Produced By KJ Denhert. KJ Denhert (guitar & vocals), Tomas Doncker (guitar & vocals), Mamadou Ba (bass), Lionel Cordew (drums)


by Dave Cavalier | Produced by Hal Winer. Dave Cavalier (vocals & guitars), Chris Infusino (drums), Whynot Jansveld (bass), Ren Patrick & Cori Elliott (backing vocals), Marshall McDaniel (cello)

The Shot Heard Round The World

by Tim Piper | Produced by Hal Winer. Tim Piper (guitars & vocal), Greg Piper (bass & bvx), Morley Bartnoff (piano & bvx), Gregg Bissonette (drums), Clifford Carter (b3 & strings), Kat Raio (bvx)


by KJ Denhert | Produced By KJ Denhert. KJ Denhert (vocals and guitar), Nikki Denner (piano), Jennifer Vincent (bass)

They Say

by Goldside | Produced by Hal Winer.

With You In Mind

by Allen Toussaint | Allen Toussaint (vocal & piano). Live for video

Things Don't Go as Planned

by Emily Elbert | Produced by Hal Winer & Clifford Carter. UNFINISHED, UNRELEASED TRACK. Emily Elbert (guitar & vocal), Clifford Carter (keys), Joe Bonadio (drums), Malcolm Gold (bass)

Tender Sky

by Rose Reiter | Produced By Joe Bonadio. Rose Reiter (vocals), Joe Bonadio (drums), David Sancious (keys), Gerry Plant (bass), Oz Noy (guitar)

My Friend

by Mike Bosze | Produced by Hal Winer & Mike Bosze. Mike Sciotto (drums), Malcolm Gold (bass), Nick Moroch (guitar), Hal Winer (guitar), Clifford Carter (keys), Martha Mooke (viola)

Open the Door Ruby

by Malcolm Gold | Produced by Hal Winer & Malcolm Gold. Malcolm God (bass & vocals), Joe Bonaio (drums), Matt Beck (guitr), Clifford Carter (keys), Joy Askew (bvx)

Smoke on the Water

by Deep Purple | Produced By Hal Winer & KJ Denhert. KJ Denhert (vocals and guitar), Mamadou Ba (bass), Aaron Heick (sax), Ray Levier (drums), Manu Koch (keys), Koko Jones (perc)

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